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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There were no grumbles between Sputnik and Cooper this morning (just Cooper's general, undirected fuss when I helped him into the car) but the two of them still felt the need to pee on everything again during our hike; and Griff joined the club, too. When Coco and Griff were off leash a later on in the hike, the two of them wandered off into the brush to sniff around. Griff got a bit ahead at one point and was somewhat stubborn about coming back to the group, but eventually gave in. I remember when Coco was young and she often pulled the same stubborn routine; but now she at least waits for me to catch up to her when I call, and sometimes just comes right back.

Variety Pack

Ruffers chased Zoey around while Zoey chased tennis balls. Then, we headed to the south end of the park where there were several playful pups, and Ruffers and Zoey both had fun running around with them. Zoey also enjoyed splashing around in the kiddie pool while Ruffers relaxed in the shade for a bit in between bouts of play.

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