Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Coco enjoyed romping around together this morning. We hit an empty stretch of trail so I was able to let Sputnik off without worry of him mishandling greeting another dog. The chased and rough-housed with each other while Cooper hiked along with me. Cooper got pretty worked up seeing his packmates running around and he started to bark at them. His pleas failed to get either Sputnik or Coco's attention, and he didn't settle down until Sputnik eventually came back on leash with him.

Variety Pack

Ruffers and Colby made some playful moves with each other on the trail loop at CU South Campus. However, there were a lot of other dogs around and Colby made a couple hostile moves toward one who came over to sniff hello, so Colby stayed on the leash while she and Ruffers danced around with each other. Zoey and Ruffers went for one big run together before coming back to the pack and then sticking close. Thompson, Ruffers, and Zoey were all eager to sniff hello with the dogs we passed. Isaac and Colby were both took notice of the other dogs but weren't as forwardly inviting as their packmates.