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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack were all excited about romping in the snow this afternoon. Rucksack and Sputnik chased each other through it while Mamacita and Cooper looked on with excitement. Mamacita acted out sympathetic bows, hops, and dodges while watching the action. Cooper started barking jealously at his free-running packmates, but I was able to get him to eventually settle down to just excited whining. Whenever Sputnik raced back to us, Cooper and Mamacita met him with playful leaps.

Variety Pack

Stella wasted no time getting to business in the snow, as she flopped right down and started making a snow-angel. For once, Coco actually stayed on all fours for the duration of the walk rather than follow Stella's example. Thompson seemed a bit frantic about the need leave scent marks about every twenty feet when we first set out, but he eventually settled into the walk along with his packmates.

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