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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco joined the pack in place of Cooper this morning. Pack veterans Coco and Rucksack haven't seen each other for a while since they have been on different schedules, and they were happy to be out together again. Rucksack gave his old friend the ear-cleaning treatment which has become his signature move. Sputnik and Mamacita hiked right along at my side, calmly and pleasantly throughout.

Variety Pack

Coco and Mamacita were feeling playful when we stopped at Martin Park at the end of our walk along the Bear Creek Path. They danced and dodged around each other for a bit while the others watched. Colby joined in for a few moves and then backed off and hung out with Thompson and Stella while Mamacita and Coco had their fun. Thompson left lots of scent marks along the way when we were walking the path, and Stella frequently followed up behind him.

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