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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

I got flu and tetanus shots yesterday and have been feeling pretty sore and achy today, so I brought the pack for a lighter hike at CU South Campus this morning instead of our usual Chautauqua mountain hike. Colby, Sputnik, and Ruffers all took turns giving each other kisses in the packmobile on the way there. Mamacita and Sputnik got pretty growly at the first dog they saw after we parked, while we were still in the car, but once we were out on the trails they were calmer and more pleasant as other dogs passed by. Colby was very interested in the bikers. She wasn't jumpy, just curious. We often stopped when they passed us and waited while Colby watched them ride off into the distance. Once they were out of sight, she turned and glanced at me to let me know she was ready to keep going.

Variety Pack

We had a nice walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. A big Husky came over to sniff hello with the pack at one point and every was friendly, though the Husky seemed a little bit stiff. When we passed the same dog later on and he started to approach us, Cooper barked at him, so we kept moving. Coco and Mamacita enjoyed a good, long wiggle in the grass together while Cooper, Zoey, and Griff all stood by and patiently waited for them to wrap it up. I was a little surprised that the others didn't join in with any playful moves, but it made for an amusing contrast.

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