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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff was bounding with energy on the trails this morning. Coco ran alongside him some of the time, but she couldn't keep up as Griff zipped up and down through the brush beside the trail. Sputnik sniffed around and left a lot of scent marks along the way even without Cooper there to compete with him.

Variety Pack

Isaac had a young Australian Cattle Dog tag-along as he played fetch at the Valmont Park this afternoon. The Cattle Dog also chased Zoey around a bit while Zoey chased down some tennis balls. In between rounds of fetch, Zoey went off to sniff around the park's perimeter. Ruffers found a lot of friends to play with today. There was another Australian Shepherd, a couple young wrestlers, a fun little Chihuahua mix, and an intact male all with whom Ruffers enjoyed running, bowing, and dancing. Thompson met a female Husky who took an interest in him and danced around him just like Ruffers did with the intact male.