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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack was in a pretty mellow mood on our hike this morning. We just ambled along and lingered in places along the way while Griff, Coco, and Sputnik all sniffed around. The weather was perfect for hiking so it was a pleasure to take our time along the trails.

Variety Pack

Ruffers had fun with a Golden Retriever puppy and later a young dog who looked like he may have been some kind of Shepherd mix. Meanwhile, Isaac played many rounds of fetch. Zoey played some fetch with me but generally found it more entertaining to elbow in on fetch sessions alongside other dogs and then play keep away when she beat them to it. Thompson had the attention of a smallish Malamute when we first entered the park and the two of them made some playful stand-off moves. Later on, he enjoyed getting some human attention and then found himself in the middle of a dog swarm with plenty of new butts with which to sniff hello.

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