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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There was a lot of sniffing along the trails again today. Rucksack and Coco went for a brief run together when I first let them off leash but they quickly broke off to go follow their noses in different directions. As we continued, they gradually came together more and more until they were both sticking to the trail and checking out spots on either edge together. Sputnik and Mamacita made a few long pauses to thoroughly investigate spots along the way together, as well.

Variety Pack

Roger Roger - who used to come out with the pack regularly - joined us this afternoon and was instantly infatuated with fellow Doodle, Zoey. He chased her all around and made several attempts to mount her. Zoey kept him working for it as she ran all around. Whenever Roger Roger did get on her, Coco ran over to bark at him and keep him in check. Meanwhile, Colby and Griff followed their noses through the grass. Thompson and Stella kept me company as they trotted along on leash beside me. At one point while Colby was sniffing around, she perked up at the sight of a dog and human walking up the trail from behind us. She started running to them and ignored my call for her to come back to the group. I was relieved to see her just calmly loop around to the back of the dog and sniff it's butt while trotting behind, but she still went back on the leash for the rest of the walk after that for not coming when called. Roger Roger eventually went back on the leash, too, when his attempts to mount Zoey were a bit too persistent. After that, Griff and Zoey splashed around in the ditch a bit and then raced up and down the trail together, full of glee.

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