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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco flopped down in the grass for a wiggle right after we set out on the trail this morning. Sputnik and Roger Roger just stood and sniffed around while Coco did her thing, but Mamacita decided that a wiggle looked like fun so she flopped down next to Coco and the two of them wiggled their hearts out.

Variety Pack

Benny, Coco, and Colby wandered through the grass to sniff around while Mamacita, Stella, and Thompson walked along with me. Colby was very interested in the scents they found and she lingered for a long while, taking her time as she followed her nose through the grass. Benny only ventured away from the trail occasionally. Thompson made several stops along the way to sniff around and leave scent marks. He and Stella both stopped to sniff hello with every dog who passed us.

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