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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Colby and Sputnik both had brief, snarly outbursts when a Vizsla (perhaps the same one from yesterday) started to approach the pack as I was picking up after them. For each of them, they only acted out for a fraction of a second and then snapped out of it as soon as their lunges reached tension on the leash. I suspect they were both in an alert and protective mindset because they recognized that I was preoccupied with picking up Sputnik's poop and they didn't want a dog sneaking up on me. Mamacita and Ruffers were unconcerned and just wanted to sniff hello with the Vizsla. Later on, Ruffers and Colby lingered behind to thoroughly sniff out various points of interest along the trail this morning.

Variety Pack

Blu joined the pack for our walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Coco was a bit irritated by Blu's in-her-face enthusiasm, but he eventually gave her some space and then she relaxed. Zoey, on the other hand, was happy to have Blu's attention and the two of them danced and dodged around with each other for a bit during our walk. Coco took the opportunity to wiggle around in the grass. Thompson sniffed around and left a few scent marks in the area while he waited for his packmates to collect themselves and get back to the walk.

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