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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco was the one to discover a stick of interest today. She and Griff danced around it for a minute before Griff snatched it up and then carried it with him as he ran up and down the trail. Earlier on, Sputnik and Griff had a fun time running around together. Colby had some time off leash along with her packmates but was more interested in sniffing than playing.

Variety Pack

Isaac's only follower today was Roger Roger. Ruffers kept an eye on Roger Roger and schooled him when he started barking in Isaac's ear. At one point, Roger Roger and Zoey both started barking at me when I was holding onto a ball. I had them both sit and settle down before throwing it for them. We repeated this process a few more times during our park visit today. Thompson spent most of his time hanging out in the snowy, north end of the park instead of his usual spot at the concrete pad in the center of the park. While the pack hung out there, Zoey enjoyed chomping on the snow and leaping around in a goofy display.

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