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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was quiet and peaceful again on the trails this morning for much much of our hike. Rucksack and Sputnik broke the calm at one point when they played a game of chase and Rucksack let out high-pitched barks as he ran on Sputnik's heels. Coco watched with interest and made a few attempts to leap into the action despite being on the leash alongside Mamacita. After a few minutes of chasing, everyone settled back down and returned to sniffing around the trail calmly. Rucksack found a stick to haul along the way, but decided to switch when a passing jogger offered him another one.

Variety Pack

There isn't a lot of snow left, but Thompson was still eager to chomp on what he could find. Zoey, Coco, Stella, Ruffers, and Isaac didn't partake. Between Coco, Stella, and Isaac we had a lot of our pack members who like to wiggle around in grass or snow, but everyone stayed upright today.

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