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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Coco had fun playing together on the trails this morning. Sputnik would run up ahead and then watch Coco as she approached. When she got close enough, he would drop into a bow which Coco would return, and then Sputnik would leap forward and try to find a weak spot while Coco fended him off. Then, Sputnik would turn and run, and Coco would chase him a bit until he got far ahead, at which point Sputnik would turn back and repeat the process. Mamacita and Rucksack watched their packmates' antics with enthusiasm and hopped around in place as they shadowboxed beside me. Later on in the hike, Rucksack found a pine cone he decided to carry along for a while.

Variety Pack

Griff and Zoey joined us for our pack walk along Boulder Creek this afternoon. They were both captivated by the ducks swimming in the Creek. The snow along the path is almost entirely melted now but Thompson and Coco still munched on a thin strip we passed. Griff and Stella were on the same page and both wanted to stop and sniff all the same spots together. Coco enjoyed a good wiggle in the grass at Eben G. Fine Park near the end of our walk.

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