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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rucksack enjoyed eating snow from one bank along the side of a stretch of trail this morning. Coco had a good wiggle in the grass. The trails were very quiet today. We only saw a few other hikers and no other dogs along the way. It was a bit windy. Sputnik and Mamacita trotted along at my side, just stopping to sniff around once in a while. There were a couple rocks down in the Chautauqua Park area that caught the attentions of the whole pack and we lingered around them for a while until everyone was satisfied.

Variety Pack

The wind continued through the afternoon. Thompson, Zoey, Isaac, Coco, and Mamacita enjoyed a walk along the Boulder Creek Path, which was also quieter than usual. Thompson and Zoey both insisted on some stops along the way to sniff in the grass, while Isaac, Coco, and Mamacita followed along.

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