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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco led the way for most of the hike this morning, while Griff bounced between lingering behind to sniff around and racing to catch up with her. Colby and Sputnik hiked along at my side. At one point, Coco stopped to sniff hello with some nice people. When she was done greeting them and caught up to the rest of us, Colby was very interested in sniffing all around her face to see what she could glean about the people Coco was so brave as to approach.

Variety Pack

Isaac, Roger Roger, Zoey, and Rucksack were all ball obsessed at the park this afternoon. Rucksack found his prize early on and held onto it for the whole park visit, not daring to drop it for more than a moment when drank some water. Zoey also held onto her ball for long stretches, but she occasionally left it for me to throw. Roger Roger and Isaac took turns fetching the same ball, which was periodically replaced whenever Zoey snatched it up and held onto it. Thompson got lots of attention from humans at the park, as he often does. His shoulder seemed to be bothering him on and off, but he walked around a lot today.

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