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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

I'm not sure weather it's the warmer weather, the more strenuous hike, or a bit of maturity creeping in, but Sputnik has been much calmer about unfamiliar dogs on the trails in recent weeks. We passed a few today, including two who were pulling at their leashes and throwing fits on relatively narrow stretches of trail, but Sputnik trotted along at my side without paying them any mind. Griff was less enthusiastic about greeting dogs on the trail today, and was happy to just keep going instead, as was Rucksack.

Variety Pack

Benny, Oliver, Griff, and Zoey enjoyed a walk around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Skies were gray when we set out and lightning strikes started in the distance just after we reached the lake. By the last stretch of our walk, it had started sprinkling on us, and a few minutes after we got back, the hail started. The walk itself was pretty peaceful and uneventful. Benny stubbornly stopped to sniff a few spots along the way. Griff took the opportunities to sniff around alongside him. Oliver preferred to stay on the path and avoided going into the grass unless he had to relieve himself. Zoey sometimes hung out by Oliver and other times gave in to curiosity and sniffed around with Griff and Benny.

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