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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The stream by the Gregory Canyon trail head was a bit mucky so I didn't let the dogs drink from there today. After we made our way further up the Saddle Rock trail, the water cleared up and the dogs enjoyed a break. Colby was more at ease today than Tuesday, and didn't jump around when other hikers went by. Mamacita has been a little slow navigating the boulders on her way both up and down the mountain, and today she waited for a good minute before finding her way down the side of one. Griff, Sputnik, and Colby didn't seem to have any trouble climbing, although Sputnik made frequent stops to sniff around beside the trail and leave scent marks.

Variety Pack

Isaac and Roger Roger were all about fetch this afternoon. Rucksack and Zoey also chased down a lot of tennis balls, but their attention was divided by sniffing around the fences and through the grass as well, while Isaac and Roger Roger had single-minded focus. Isaac, Zoey, and Roger Roger all hopped into the kiddie pool to cool off a few times during our park visit.

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