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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Colby both greeted Racer with kisses when she stepped up to the packmobile this morning. She returned the sentiment, and all three of them simultaneously licked at each others' faces before Racer hopped into the car with everyone. Griff has been a bit lax in his Racer-training duties, and Racer was took advantage by pulling a lot on the leash today. He and Colby enjoyed some off leash time together through the middle of the hike. For the last stretch, I brought them back on leash with Racer and Sputnik, and I deliberately positioned everyone. After a couple corrections, Griff got the idea and resumed his helpful behavior of blocking Racer out when she tried to rush ahead of the pack, and then Racer finally started walking nicely again.

Variety Pack

There was a very playful, fluffy, white Malamute mix at the park today who immediately got along with Benny, Zoey, and Milo. They all made some playful moves together and chased the Malamute pup around for a bit. Isaac joined in by rushing over and side-checking the Malamute a couple times before he turned his focus to fetch. Isaac had a trail of dogs following him for a while as he ran back and forth, fetching his tennis ball. One of his followers was another Australian Cattle Dog, who followed the pack around for our entire park visit. Mamacita and Zoey enjoyed a wiggle in the grass at the north end of the park while their new Aussie friend looked on.

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