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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Shanahan Ridge was nearly empty this morning, save for a few joggers who passed by at various points along the way. It was just the kind of calm, quiet atmosphere that has tended to put Colby on guard whenever we do come upon someone, so she stayed on leash along with Sputnik and Racer today. The three of them gave each other so many kisses on the way to the trail head. It's sweet affectionate they are toward each other. Griff doesn't get in on the make-out session, but he is friendly and playful with his packmates when we get out onto the trails. Whenever he got a bit too far ahead during our hike and I called him back to the pack, he bounded to us with bounce in his step and a huge smile on his face.

Variety Pack

When they first went off leash together, Sputnik, Coco, and Zoey just stuck close to me and Isaac, and sniffed along the sides of the trail. Then, Sputnik darted up ahead, spun around, and dropped into a play-bow. That was all it took to get Zoey and Coco chasing after him. Isaac watched the chase, ears perked up as he stood at attention, and he leapt toward them each time the chase brought them by us.

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