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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

A couple friendly Golden Retrievers stopped to say hello, and Ruffers was eager to return the greeting. I kept a close eye and short leash on Sputnik as he grumbled quietly by my side. Mamacita was neither irritated nor excited by the Golden Retrievers, and just waited patiently until it was time to keep moving on. Ruffers, Mamacita, and Sputnik all found some particularly spot to be of interest along the trails. There was one point where both Sputnik and Mamacita dug at the muddy topsoil a bit to uncover the odors beneath. All three of them also checked out a fallen tree trunk for a good, long while.

Variety Pack

Rey and Avo burst into the dog park at full speed again today, while Zoey went off to sniff around in the snow and mud. Before long, Zoey joined in the chase. Their park visit was a long string of chasing tennis balls and one another, with occasional appearances by other dogs who joined in the fun. Rey spent an extended time as the center of attention of a whole crew. Four dogs all followed her around as Rey led them in chases and then wrestled around with each in turn. During this time, Zoey and Avo were busy chasing down tennis balls. There were dozens of fresh balls which must have just been dropped off at the park today. Later on in the visit, Avo leapt up into the big tree at the south end of the park. After sniffing around for a moment, she dove off of it and returned to running around with her packmates.

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