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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The trails were busy today, and lots of people commented on how beautiful and well-mannered the pack members were. The mud was dried up today, and Colby wasn't showing nearly as much interest in sniffing around. Griff and Racer were equally casual about picking up scents, though Sputnik was still as enthused as ever about sniffing and peeing on trees all along the trails. Then, we came across a stretch of about 20 yards where the ground wasn't quite muddy but was still damp. All of a sudden, everyone's noses shot downward and a couple of the pack members scratched at the ground to stir the odors up into the air for better scent intake. Once we were past that damp area, the intensity and frequency of sniffing dropped back down to minimal levels.

Variety Pack

Early on during our park visit, the pack was joined by a playful, young Golden Retriever. At first, our new friend tried chasing Isaac while Isaac fetched tennis balls; but Isaac let him know that he didn't want the company of a clumsy, energetic puppy who would keep running into him. Then, the pup moved on to Rey and had much better luck instigating play. The two of them ran around together and were joined by Zoey and Avo, while Benny and Mamacita sniffed and moseyed their ways around the park. Mamacita found a few choice spots to wiggle around in the grass. Isaac and Avo soon both followed suit; though the two of them each had a tennis ball that was the focus of their wiggling, while Mamacita was just enjoying the grass itself. Later on, Zoey slipped into the secret dog fort under the giant tree stump at the south end of the park, while Avo and Rey both climbed the big tree beside it. Benny followed a hound dog around for a bit, and later on he chased a German Shorthaired Pointer for a short, flailing, giddy run. Rey found another puppy playmate and ran off to wrestle around in the grass while the rest of the pack hung out around the concrete pad at the center of the park.

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