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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita, Sputnik, and Rucksack all waded through the tall grass on our way up the trail this morning, pausing regularly to sniff around and nibble on grass. Mamacita flopped down for a wiggle on three separate occasions. She also ate the most grass, and vomited it up later on in the hike.

Variety Pack

Little Zoe, Big Zoey, and Rey all enjoyed wrestling around together at the house before we headed out for our walk around Wonderland Lake. Roger Roger stayed out of the fray and just observed. When we were out walking, Rey and Zoe were a bit rambunctious and kept getting their leashes wrapped around each other as they repeatedly swapped positions while striving to pull off to the side of the path. Meanwhile, Zoey and Roger Roger were very calm, orderly walkers.

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