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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff was struck with an intense desire to run, as we made our way down the Saddle Rock Trail this morning. He raced up and down the trail - past Rucksack, then back to me, Mamacita, and Sputnik and beyond, then up past Rucksack again, back and forth numerous times. Sputnik pounced a couple times when Griff ran by him. Rucksack and Mamacita took Griff's energetic outburst in stride, and made no attempts to chase after him. Everyone enjoyed splashing through the water at the creek. Mamacita capped off the hike with a good, long wiggle in the grass, after having started it the same way.

Variety Pack

Rey, Ruby, Roger Roger, and Zoey enjoyed a peaceful walk around Wonderland Lake on a beautiful afternoon. Zoey and Ruby both stopped to sniff beside the path a couple times along the way. Rey perked up at the sight of birds who flew down into the grassy field a short way off from us. Roger Roger trotted along in place very nicely. Then, at the end of our walk, as we approached the car, a deer popped up behind us and stared us down. The dogs didn't bark at first, but pulled a bit to turn around and assess the intruder. This deer gave birth to a couple fawns in our neighborhood last week, and is apparently extremely protective. As I drew the dogs over to the car, she continued to follow us. When the dogs started to bark in response, she charged and kicked her front legs at us from just a couple yards away. Although the dogs were worked up, they thankfully didn't go too wild in response to the affront. I brought them around to the far side of the car and addressed the deer with a stern voice until she finally started to back away. It was an unexpected and exhilarating end to what was otherwise a serene afternoon outing!

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