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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer, Griff, and Sputnik all wanted to do a lot of sniffing around in the tall, wet grass beside the trail today. When we crossed the stream on the Saddle Rock Trail, everybody wanted to stay and enjoy the water. Racer could have spent all day dipping her open mouth into the stream to catch water. On our way back, Mamacita couldn't resist the opportunity to wiggle in the wet grass.

Variety Pack

Isaac, Zoey, Zoe, Avo, and Rey all chased tennis balls at one point or another during our visit to the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Isaac was, of course, the most dedicated ball fetcher. Avo played rabbit for a few chases with Isaac, Rey, and others in pursuit. Avo and Rey found a very muddy puddle and sniffed at it until I called them away. They listened very well, but then Zoe and Zoey discovered the puddle and splashed around in. Isaac took it a step further and wallowed in the mud. Thankfully, the kiddie pool was out and they all hopped in afterwards, which rinsed them off pretty well. Rey found a playmate in an Australian Shepherd; however, the Aussie managed to be a little too rambunctious even for her. Isaac and Zoey noticed the dynamic of the Aussie overwhelming the usually-indefatigable Rey with her antics. They swooped in as the Aussie was chasing after Rey, and put themselves between the two. Their message was conveyed quickly and clearly, and the Aussie headed off the other way. Rey could have handled herself, but it probably would have turned a bit nasty without intervention. It was very sweet how Rey's packmates looked out for her and helped me manage the situation. It reminded me of one of our first pack members, Mogul - Sputnik's predecessor - who had a habit of leaping into tense situations between other dogs, with clear purpose, and sending them on their way with just a look.

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