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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There was a burnt tree trunk lying on the Anemone Trail, on the way up the mountain, that the pack found very interesting. Racer eyed it warily as we approached. Yoda and Griff gave it a goo, long sniff before catching up with the rest of us. Sputnik was the only pack member who didn't take particular notice of it. A little later, everyone was very happy to get into the stream and wade around for a while when we crossed over to the Red Rocks Spurs. We made one more stop in the stream on our way down from the Red Rocks. Racer and Griff found some long, thin branches in the water and held them up proudly. Griff raced up and down the stream's bank, while the rest of the pack just stood in the water to cool off.

Variety Pack

We made a stop along Boulder Creek early on during our walk this afternoon. Zoey, Isaac, Rey, and Avo all got into the water and got to swim a little bit, since there was a quick drop-off into deeper water. Milo was the only one who stayed on the rock shelf and only got wet up to his ankles. The geese that had been hanging out by the kids' fishing pond weren't by the path today, so we didn't get hissed at.

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