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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Roger Roger and Griff had a blast chasing each other up and down the CU South trails this morning. Mamacita woofed at them when they ran by us, and Sputnik made playful dodges. Everyone was calm and friendly with the dogs we passed today, with the only exception being a Doodle who ran up and barked at us. Mamacita and Sputnik both had retorts for him. Roger Roger and Griff were on leash at the time, and just ignored the heckler.

Variety Pack

I tried using a harness on Poppy today in order to avoid a repeat of Wednesday's moderate chaos. She hardly pulled while we walked. She still got excited when we passed other dogs, but I held her collar to keep her from jumping around and getting the rest of the pack worked up. Dylan only woofed once at a dog as they passed. He made a lot of stops to leave his mark around Wonderland Lake, even without Cooper to compete with. Zoey sniffed at the side of the path along with Dylan most of the time. Ruffers and Poppy were less diligent, and trusted their packmates to get the news for them, more often than not.