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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Riley joined Mamacita, Roger Roger, and Sputnik for our hike at Shanahan Ridge this morning. We made a lot of stops along the way so the pack could sniff the damp ground exposed by the melting snow. I suspect they were also more interested in sniffing around because the pack haven't been to that trail for a while. Sputnik made the most frequent stops and always left his mark, but Mamacita and Riley joined in the sniffing a lot of the time as well. Roger Roger was the least concerned with the scents along the way. He is probably already familiar with them, since he lives nearby.

Variety Pack

Zoey and Riley both enjoyed chasing tennis balls at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Ruffers preferred to lie in wait and ambush Zoey upon her return. When she wasn't stalking Zoey, Ruffers was off playing with other dogs. She found a couple different friends during our visit, and had lots of fun hopping, dodging, and play-bowing. Riley joined in to chase after Ruffers along with one of Ruffers' new friends. When Zoey wasn't playing fetch, she was usually sniffing and digging.

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