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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Roger Roger and Ruffers kept each other entertained throughout our hike at Shanahan Ridge this morning. Early on, Roger Roger chased Ruffers around. Later, Roger Roger found a choice stick and played keep-away while Ruffers chased after him. Mamacita and Sputnik were entertained watching their packmates. Everyone enjoyed munching on some snow here and there, but Sputnik indulged the most.

Variety Pack

Riley, Rey, and Zoey had a lot of fun running around at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. It was usually Rey playing rabbit while the others pursued her - often joined by one or two of the other dogs at the park. Later on in the visit, Zoey stole a red, rubber ball from another dog. Zoey is not one to give up a prize, and it took a long while before I finally got it back from her. When Riley was chasing Rey around the south end of the park, Rey made use of the hollowed-out tree stump as a hideout.

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