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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik munched on snow from every remaining snow bank we passed today. While he chomped away at one patch, Dylan flopped down and started wiggling on his back. The snowy patch was on a slight incline, so Dylan gradually slid away as he writhed around. Ruffers and Mamacita causally sniffed around while their packmates enjoyed the snow. When Sputnik wasn't stopping to eat snow, he was sniffing and leaving scent marks. Dylan and Mamacita both checked out many of the spots Sputnik found. Later in the hike, something caught Dylan's nose and he wandered off the trail and down a hill. It wasn't long before he came trotting back up, with an innocent smile on his face.

Variety Pack

Rey and Poppy were pretty interested in the dogs we encountered as we walked the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. There was one in particular who was following a short distance behind us. Rey and Poppy both kept turning to look over their shoulders and keep tabs on our tail. Zoey shot a few glances that way as well, but was not as concerned as Rey and Poppy. Milo and Roger Roger didn't pay much mind to the dog behind us. The rest of the walk was pretty uneventful. Poppy didn't seem to care about walking over metal grates the way she did a few weeks ago. It seemed to be a habit she picked up from her friend Dylan, so maybe she's not as sensitive to them when he's not around.

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