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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer, Sputnik, Griff, and Milo had a pretty mellow hike at the CU South trails this morning. We encountered a handful of other dogs along the way, but didn't linger to greet them. The pack wasn't as keen on sniffing around as they sometimes are, and mostly just trotted along.

Variety Pack

Riley and Avo buried their faces in some thatched, tall grass at the Settler's Park trail head this afternoon, as they tried to get a better whiff of the odors hiding beneath. They apparently had a disagreement over a bone last weekend, but they seemed to be on good terms today. Near the end of our hike, Avo started flopping around on the ground to try to entice Riley into playing with her, but Isaac hovered over her and sternly woofed at her to gather herself, while I worked to get Riley and Avo back to walking. Zoey - who is especially poofy after a visit to the groomer yesterday - just stood by patiently while Isaac did his best to help me sort out our rambunctious pack members.

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