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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff and Sputnik had some fun racing each other along the trail at the Chautauqua this morning, while Racer and Mamacita hopped up and down in sympathetic pantomime. Racer preferred trudging through the deeper snow beside the trail for much of the hike, rather than following the beaten path. Sputnik's zeal for hunting down every patch of yellow snow has begun to wane, although he did still make several stops along the way. His packmates were far less driven in this regard, and only occasionally stopped to sniff around.

Variety Pack

Rey, Avo, Poppy, Milo, and Zoey all bolted into the park together after sitting and waiting patiently at the gate for my release. Avo took a quick lead, and was pursued by her packmates. Zoey and Milo eventually broke off the chase to sniff around, while Poppy and Rey kept on her heels. Chasing turned to wrestling, which turned into chasing, which turned back to wrestling, and on and on until Rey started getting a bit too pushy and relentless in her wrestling tactics, and I had to interrupt. After that, Avo and Zoey chased and chewed tennis balls, while Poppy and Rey continued chasing each other around, and Milo rolled about in the snow. Several different pups came by and joined in chasing, wrestling, and fetching with the pack. One took up Avo's role as rabbit in the chases. When Rey was chasing that pup, Avo turned her attention to evening out the playing field by chasing after Rey. Later on, a large dog with a bit of a wolf-like look and youthful energy came and hopped around with both Milo and Avo. The park was still mostly blanketed in snow, so the dogs didn't get too muddy despite all of the running, tackling, and rolling around.

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