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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Avo joined the hikers this morning. It took her and Racer a while to settle in and walk on pace with the rest of the pack. Every now and then, she and Sputnik would drop into play bows and hop around each other, but Sputnik promptly sat when asked, and then Avo settled down in turn. Griff was a model hiker today, and stuck right by side, slightly behind me, throughout our trek. We made several stops along the way, when the pack found some area particularly intriguing and needed to further examine it. Racer and Avo were a bit impatient with me navigating the icier stretches of trail, but we made it through. Near the end of the hike, Sputnik started licking at Avo's ears and nibbling her shoulder, as he often does when he takes a liking to a lady. Avo accepted most of his affection, but told him to back off a few times as well.

Variety Pack

Rey found various friends to play with at the park this afternoon. There was one black Lab mix in particular, who was all about wrestling with Rey while they chewed on each other. Zoey was actually bringing her tennis balls back to me so I could throw them for her today, instead of just playing keep-away. Yoda spent most of the time sniffing around the park perimeter, but he was swept up by a playful spirit at one point and just ran in big circles. Then, a little later, he took an interest in a tall Weimaraner, and followed him around for a bit. When Milo wasn't just wandering around, he joined in to play with some of the friends that ran with Rey. The snow at the south end of the park is packed into ice, but he rolled around on top of that on his back anyway.

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