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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Near the end of our hike today, I realized I no longer had my leash for Griff. We turned around and back-tracked at double pace to try to find it. Sputnik was resistant to the quicker pace, and kept wanting to stop and sniff around. Racer seemed to enjoy the pace, as she was trotting at my side rather than pulling ahead as usual. Griff was exhilarated by the change in course and speed, and started racing up and down the trail with exuberance. We traced our path all the way back to the trail head with no luck, but the dogs and I got some extra exercise today.

Variety Pack

Avo and Riley were quick to alert to the approach of other dogs at the beginning of our walk on the Boulder Creek Path this morning. I put some work (and a few treats) into gaining and keeping their attention as dogs passed by throughout our walk, and they improved a bit as we went. Zoey happily accepted her treats as well, reinforcing her already calm and fairly attentive demeanor. The only thing that drew Zoey's attention away were the presumable plethora of scent marks to be examined whenever we passed by a particularly large tree trunk.

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