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Friday Pack Activities (1/26/2024)

Adventure Pack

There was a bit of fresh snow on the ground, but nobody was interested in rolling in it today. Lou ended up with her face splattered with specks of mud. Dylan, Nelly and Yoshi might have as well, but it wasn't so obvious on their black fur. Yoshi was having some trouble keeping his attention with the group and staying on pace with everyone, and instead kept pulling while focused on the trail ahead. Dylan wanted to pull over to sniff more often than usual today. Nelly and Lou kept together with me nicely throughout the hike. Everyone was quick to come to attention as soon as I reached for the treat pouch.

Variety Pack

Racer, Arlo and Yoshi took my right flank; Ruffers, Carl and Lumi took my left as we walked Goose Creek Greenway to Boulder Creek Path in Valmont this afternoon. The whole pack kept in surprisingly consistent formation pretty much the entire walk, aside from during the stops we made so that everyone could sniff around. Those stops were frequent in the first 10 minutes of walking. After that, the pack just fell into rhythm with each other and had a really pleasant walk together.


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