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Friday Pack Activities (2/16/2024)

Adventure Pack

Dylan was more into sniffing than rolling today. about one quarter of the way through our hike, we came to a spot where Nelly started trying to turn around the way she had been doing months ago at the Chautauqua. She had a bit of hesitation last week along the same stretch. Having learned from before, I got the rest of the pack to come around and walk behind her, which got her moving again. She made quite a few stops through our second quarter stretch, which is also where Dylan was most interested in the scents. Yoshi was more bouncy on that stretch of trail, which drew Lou into making some playful moves with him. I wonder what was in the air there that had all of the pack members in distinct moods. Eventually, that passed, and everyone was a lot steadier through the latter half of the hike.

Variety Pack

Snow started falling as the pack walked Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon. The air was cold and damp. Dylan, Bear, Lumi, Carl and Ruffers were all extra intensely interested in sniffing the snow banks along the sides of the path. I wonder whether something about the moisture in the air makes the ambient odors more engaging. When the snow started falling a bit heavier near the end of the walk, there was a lot of hard blinking and shaking off being performed by the pack in response.


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