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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

On our way up Bluebell Road, we passed a dog who was whining with enthusiasm at the sight of Sputnik and Dylan. The boys were curious about the other dog and didn't want to move on, so I stopped and let Dylan sniff hello. Despite Sputnik streak of good manners, I'm still a bit wary of him greeting other dogs - particularly when those dogs seem excitable - so I kept him at my side while Dylan acted as the pack greeter. Further up the trail, we came upon a downed tree that had been upright when we passed the same spot yesterday. Dylan and Sputnik navigated the rocky slope of the Flatirons Loop like pros, leaving a woman we passed to chuckle at how outclassed her hiking skills were in comparison.

Variety Pack

Zoey had an eye out for the water fowl today. She and Lou perked up at the sight of a goose who had its head tucked under a wing for an afternoon nap just a couple yards off the Boulder Creek Path, across from the Kids' Fishing Pond. Later on, she and Ruffers were eyeing some ducks floating down the Creek while Lou was trying to crawl into my lap while I knelt down to snap a pack photo. On the return leg of our walk, we passed the same napping goose. This time, Zoey hopped toward it, causing it to stir and take a couple steps further away from the path.

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