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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Roger Roger stuck pretty close by while they were off leash during our hike today. There were a lot of other hikers out, so I called them back frequently to let people and dogs pass without being approached by them. One of the times I called them back, Roger Roger lingered in front of Dylan and the two of them nuzzled each other for a moment before coming over to me, then Dylan came and sat on my feet. After a rough start to the week, Sputnik finished the week out with much better manners, and didn't give attitude to any of the many dogs we saw. Later on, when I returned to the packmobile after dropping Sputnik off, Dylan was waiting for me in the driver's seat. He hadn't pulled that move in a few weeks, and he was very hesitant to give up the spot.

Variety Pack

Smokey air filled the skies this afternoon, as Zoey and Ruffers headed to Wonderland Lake for the pack walk. We stopped at the usual spots, so the ladies could sniff out the day's news. The smell of smoke grew heavier as the sky grew darker, but we enjoyed our leisurely jaunt around the pond.


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