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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Archie joined Dylan and Sputnik for our hike at the Chautauqua this morning. The trails were very busy and it was tough to find parking nearby. We took a pretty leisurely pace - leisurely enough that Sputnik felt comfortable joining Dylan at the lead. Archie really wanted to join them, and kept pulling to try to catch up. Before that, Archie tried his established habit of alternately walking nicely for a stretch and then harassing his packmates. Dylan and Sputnik clearly communicated to Archie with their grumbles, to let him know that they didn't appreciate his advances. Archie started to get the hint, and offered Dylan a kiss on the nose as an apology at one point, which Dylan seemed to accept. Sputnik tolerated Archie better as Archie showed more respect for Sputnik's personal space and approached him less wildly. By the end of the hike, when Sputnik and Dylan were back on leash for the last stretch, everyone was walking really nicely together and got some admiring comments from other hikers, for how well-behaved they were.

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Lou, Rey, and Carl headed to the Goose Creek Greenway after stopping in for a visit at the house with Archie. Carl and Archie played a bit at the house but Archie was being pushy and Carl eventually started giving him the cold shoulder, as the rest of the pack had been doing as well. It was a day of learning for Archie. Lou was a bit stubborn at a few points during our walk. She stopped in place and when I waited for her, she just stood still, then would eventually start moving again when I called her forward. Aside from those stops, the pack kept together at a steady pace for the rest of the walk, enjoying the beautiful afternoon.


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