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Monday Pack Activities (12/4/2023)

Adventure Pack

Bear laid his head over my shoulder from the back of the packmobile when we pulled into our parking space at the Chautauqua, and got some chin scratching in return. He, Ruffers and Dylan all walked very nicely on leash as we set out, with some stops for sniffing around the trail head. Bear shouldered down into the snow and slid around a bit before flopping down and wriggling around on his back. Observing this performance, some hikers correctly guessed that he was the youngest of the group. When I told them that Ruffers and Dylan are both around 11 1/2 years old, they were impressed by how comfortably they were handling the ascent.

Variety Pack

Lou, Carl and Alfie walked around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. There were quite a few other dogs out for walks, and we pulled off the side of the trail to let them pass by. The pack happily took the opportunities to sniff around in the brush; Carl and Alfie left quite a few scent marks.

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