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Monday Pack Activities (7/10/2023)

Adventure Pack

Boulder Creek was flowing a few inches lower than last week. The pack kept to the Boulder Creek Path in the heat, with several stops for the dogs the get into the water. Griff opted out for all but our last stop, when he finally decided he was hot enough to justify it. Avo kept out of the water for our first stop at Eben G. Fine Park, but got wet on each subsequent stop. Dylan and Bear made the most of every trip down the the creek. The path was noticeably more littered than when we walked it last week. Bear snatched up an unrecognizable chunk of beat on the bone - maybe a chicken thigh? - and was not readily willing to give it up, but I eventually pried it from him, and the rest of the pack backed off and didn't try to snag it. Once it was behind us, everybody got treats as a reward for leaving it.

Variety Pack

Alfie, Racer and Sanni also walked the Boulder Creek Path. Sanni and Racer enjoyed the creek, but Alfie chose not to get into the water when we made stops there. A couple people walking a shaggy Labradoodle unfortunately shouted slurs at us when we passed by them, even though none of the dogs had barked or made any kind of scene. We had a much more pleasant encounter a short while later with a couple walking a Chihuahua through the underpass between Eben G. Fine Park and The Peoples' Crossing. The dogs all sniffed politely. The Chihuahua was obviously a bit intimidated by the size and number differential, so I made sure the dogs didn't all surround him at once but instead took turns greeting.


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