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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Riley was sporting a fresh bandana today and I gave the ends a tug to help make sure it stayed on through the hike. Dylan and Ruffers greeted friendly dogs on the trails at the Chautauqua, while Riley and Sputnik practiced patience with me. Riley and Sputnik did a good job of keeping calm when a big, male black Lab came over after saying hello to Dylan and Ruffers. I focused on having Riley sit and wait while Sputnik stood next to her beside the trail. The dogs all had heavily mud-splattered legs and undersides by the end of the hike, so I took some time wiping them down as well as I could when we got back to the packmobile.

Variety Pack

Rey, Lou, Zoey, and Carl walked the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon, which was much less muddy than the trails. The dogs really wanted to sniff some dirty snow banks beside the path. Rey and Carl were especially persistent. Carl munched on some snow and marked a lot of spots. Rey mostly just sniffed around and hardly ever marked an area. Zoey and Lou weren't the ones pressing to sniff around, but they happily joined in and marked some spots after Carl. I was proud of Rey when a skateboarder went by behind her just before I snapped today's pack photo and her only reaction was to perk up her ears and watch.


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