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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There is some more work being done on the trails at the Chautauqua. Dylan and Avo ran by a stationary forklift that was holding a large boulder as we headed up Bluebell Road. When we got to the Mesa Trail, I heard some machinery in the distance. I got Dylan and Avo back on leash as we approached the source of the sound. It turned out to be a wood chipper that was breaking down some of the felled pine trees. As we continued on along the trail, Avo did her part to help the workers by chomping some branches up into bits. Ruffers watched Avo with interest, but did not herself partake. As we walked through the grassy field at the end of our hike, Avo flopped down and wiggled around in the fallen leaves. I really thought Dylan was about to join her, but he decided against it.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Carl, Rey and Lou walked the Boulder Creek Path together this afternoon. We took our time through Eben G. Fine Park, as the dogs were interested in sniffing not only the trees but also the lampposts. It turns out Rey still harbors some mistrust for roller-bladers, as evidenced by her lunging and growling at one who zipped by us near the end of our walk today. Rey was on the opposite side from me and I caught her before she got very close, but I'm sure her reaction made the roller-blader catch his breath.


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