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Rest in Peace, Zoey

I am very saddened to be writing that our pack member, Zoey, passed away over the weekend at the age of 10 years and 7 months after a struggle with lung cancer. Zoey had been a vibrant and eminently lovable anchor of the pack since 2017. Her good nature and playful spirit made her a welcomed playmate to all. When she first joined us, she quickly adopted our since-departed pack member Isaac's dog park routine of chasing tennis balls and splashing in kiddie pools - or mud, when available; she chased, dodged and wrestled with Ruffers and countless other friends; and she started a long and undeniable romance with Sputnik, who was smitten by her charms up until his passing last year. She welcomed pack members with great enthusiasm, always happy to get rowdy with the young ones. When Carl joined her family, she showed him the ropes and he quickly became attached to his big sister. Zoey will be remembered for her routine stops on pack walks, her love of hoarding tennis balls and toys, resting her head in laps and on other surfaces, her enthusiasm for giving kisses to her canine companions, her evening bouts of puppy energy, and being Carl's big spoon. She easily made friends with everyone, canine and human alike, and was very special to all who spent time with her. She will be missed deeply, and the joyful and affectionate influence she had will be remembered fondly as it continues to ripple through the pack.

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