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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer was the primary sniffer of the pack this morning. Sputnik and Griff took their time alongside her as we made our way up the Baseline Trail; but, once they were off leash they did more wandering without their noses to the ground, while Racer continued to follow scents off the side of the trail and linger on various points of interest.

Variety Pack

Zoey and Mamacita stood by and enjoyed the shade while Riley and Avo hopped around with each other for a few minutes, when we stopped in a grassy field along the Bear Creek Path, this afternoon. Mamacita eventually decided to have a little fun over her own, and went for a wiggle in the grass. It was mostly a very pleasant afternoon stroll, aside from a couple times when skateboarders passed by and Mamacita jumped out of her skin while Avo barked her disapproval. On the return passing of one skateboarder, I was able to keep Avo's attention; and - being able to see them coming rather than having them roll by from behind - Mamacita, Riley, and Zoey all stayed calm as well.

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