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Thursday Pack Activities (3/2/2023)

Adventure Pack

Racer, Tucker, Button and Griff hiked at Shanahan Ridge today. Most of the trails there are dry, but there were some shady stretches of ice coated with a thin layer of snow that made it a little less slippery. The trails were pretty quiet. Racer had an upset stomach early on. She had an issue with that some time ago, but has been doing fine for a long while, so hopefully it was a one-off this time. Aside from some early sniffing and a pause for Racer, we kept up a pretty steady pace on the trails. There was a brief stretch when Tucker was pulling ahead a bit, but otherwise he walked nicely in place just like Button and Griff. Even Racer - who usually pulls to the side to sniff - walked in nice formation with the pack for much of the time.

Variety Pack

Carl, Zoey and Clover took their time sniffing along through the grass beside the path as we made our way to and from Wonderland Lake this afternoon. At one point, we paused to greet another nice Golden Retriever who was happy to say hello to the pack. After everyone got a good sniff in, Carl decided to punctuate the encounter with a demanding bark that drew no reaction from the other dog, and a chuckle from her human.


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