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Friday Pack Activities (5/10/2024)

Adventure Pack

The pack followed the same pattern as every other day this week, by avidly sniffing around the lower trails at the Chautauqua and then mostly leaving off the olfactory investigations once our ascent was underway. Yoshi, Lou, and Nelly grazed on the odd blade of grass here and there, dipping to the side of the trail while we were on the move; Dylan abstained. At one point on the mountain, a sparrow landed in the middle of the trail a short distance ahead of us. Yoshi made a giant, airborne leap toward it. The sparrow immediately took off into a nearby bush, and Yoshi stood in place and looked around as if he was expecting a round two. The sparrow did not oblige. The other pack members didn't take any particular notice of it.

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Dylan, Carl, and Buddy walked Goose Creek Greenway from Valmont Park this afternoon. Early on in the walk, Carl marked as many spots as he possible could - sometimes marking three spots in one square yard. The others were all interested in sniffing around with him, but not nearly as diligent about leaving behind evidence of their presences. One big plant at the side of the path drew everyone in for a thorough analysis. A few prairie dogs were out chirping at us from atop their mounds, but the dogs didn't pay them any mind. Buddy was more tame without the usual suspects to egg him on, but he still enjoyed flopping around in the grass a bit and torpedoing across it with one shoulder down while the others just sniffed and hung out.


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