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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff and Carl did their usually dynamic duo scouting together - Carl tagging along until he'd get distracted, and then rushing to catch up and see what Griff was checking out ahead. Meanwhile, Racer hiked alongside me and didn't pull much today. Near the end of our hike, by the trail head, a little girl asked if she could pet the dogs. Carl sniffed her hand for a moment but then backed off, a bit wary. Griff moved by and avoided saying hello. Racer went up to the girl, sniffing, and accepted some pats on the head.

Variety Pack

Gidget, Blu, Zoey, Rey, Mamacita, and Riley headed to the Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon. Riley and Blu needed to be checked every so often for pulling ahead, but the group did a pretty good job of sticking together on the whole. Mamacita and Zoey made a few early stops, but kept up alright once we got going. Gidget and Rey both walked in position very well throughout. Rey was interested in a baying hound dog in the distance as we walked through Martin Park. Blue perked up a little bit, too. The others didn't really react. It was a beautiful afternoon and the pack had a very nice time.


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