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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik had a bit harder of a time scrambling up the rocks on the Flatirons Loop today, and I had to help him up one particularly steep step. Griff and Carl were at the lead, scouting ahead as usual. Racer was eager to catch up to them and I had to reign her in to allow Sputnik to find his path without rushing him. Sputnik managed better on the way back down. Griff made me nervous when he climbed up a boulder whose face had a relatively steep angle. It looked like his footing slipped a little, but he didn't get tripped up, and then he returned to the trail.

Variety Pack

Mamacita, Zoe, Zoey, Riley, and Rey had a nice walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. We passed a couple geese parents with a flock of goslings. One parent hissed at the pack both times we passed by, warning the dogs not to try approaching the little ones. I'm not sure the dogs got the message, but I kept them far enough away that we didn't upset the geese too much.

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