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Tuesday Pack Activities (11/14/2023)

Adventure Pack

Arlo was very excited to head out with Racer on our pack excursion when I picked them up from their house this morning. On the trails, Imogene and Griff were drawn up into the brush in the same area where Dylan and Bear went yesterday. Griff, like Dylan, was prompt in turning back to join the pack when called. Imogene, like Bear, ignored me and wandered around a bit where I could barely see her through the undergrowth. I offered everyone treats in the hopes of gaining Imogene's attention. I doled out a round to Arlo, Griff and Racer, and then Imogene came poking her way through the thick brush to rejoin us. I dropped her treat before she got it, and Racer was quick to snatch it up off the ground. I doled out another round to everyone and Imogene spent the remainder of the hike on leash with Arlo and Racer.

Variety Pack

Carl and Taco took their times sniffing the first tree we crossed at Martin Park this afternoon. Buddy kept poking at Kona's ear and nibbling at her elbow as he walked beside her, but she didn't react to his playful advances. When we stopped in a grassy field and I let the leashes out to their ends, Monkey and Buddy quickly turned to a wrestling match with each other. Kona and Monkey both pulled ahead a bit through the walk. As the most experienced pack walker of the group, Dylan set the example for everyone by walking in place very nicely the entire time.


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