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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Early on in the hike, we came by a man who was snapping photos of the landscape. He informed me that he had just seen a couple coyotes in the distance, confirming their presence in Shanahan Ridge after yesterday's howls. The ones the man had seen had already disappeared behind a hill crest. Sputnik, Griff, and Racer didn't seem to detect them. I kept everyone on leash for the hike, even though the trails were pretty empty, to minimize the chance of an altercation with coyotes on the prowl. Racer followed tracks that ran adjacent to the trail, while Griff and Sputnik stayed close by my sides throughout the hike.

Variety Pack

Rey and Avo kept wanting to turn our walk around Wonderland Lake into a race. At various points along the way, one or the other would leap ahead, turn back with a poised posture, and then attempt to bolt when the other leapt forward toward them. Mamacita and Zoey kept out of the puppy shenanigans. Avo also tried to get Zoey's attention using the same method she used last Thursday - repeatedly mounting her. Still, everyone was quite attentive whenever I gathered them and had them sit beside the path to let other dogs pass. Avo and Rey did a lot of sniffing in the snow on the way. Zoey stopped a lot of times, but then didn't really sniff around much.

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